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Advanced Accountancy (Deptt)

As per Income Tax Officers Examination (Course Code 19)

Download Lectures & PDF

Ch 1: Accounting Introduction

Download PDF

Ch 2: Accounting Terminology

Ch 3: Accounting Concepts

Download PDF

Ch 3: Contingent Asset & Contingent Liabilities

Downalod PDF

Ch 4: Capital & Revenue

Download PDF

Ch 5: Journal Entries

Ch 6: Ledger

Ch 7: Cash Book

Download PDF

Ch 8: Subsidiary Books

Download PDF

Ch 9: Trial Balance

Download PDF

Ch 11: Rectification of Errors

Download PDF

Ch 12: Bank Reconciliation Statements

Download PDF

Ch 13: Inventory Valuation

Download PDF

Ch 14: Depreciation Accounting

Download PDF

Ch 15: Bills of Exchange

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Ch 16: Final Accounts


Ch 17: Not for Profit Organisation

Ch 18: Consignment Accounts

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Ch 17: Joint Venture

Ch 21: Partnership Accounts: Introduction

Ch 22: Partnership Accounts: Admission of Partners

Ch 23: Partnership Accounts: Retirement of Partners

Ch 24: Partnership Accounts: Death of Partners

Ch 25: Partnership Accounts: Dissolution, Insolvency & Piecemeal Distribution

Ch 26: Partnership Accounts: Amalgamation of Partnership Firms

Ch 27: Partnership Accounts: Conversion of Partnership Firms

Ch 28: Departmental Accounting

Ch 29: Branch Accounting

Ch 30: Hire Purchase & Installment Payment Systems

Ch 31: Accounting Standards



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